Hacking Sex: Toys, Tools, and Tips for Empowerment and Pleasure

1900, Noether
Speaker(s): Kit Stubbs
Hacker culture celebrates technological empowerment: encouraging people to move beyond passive consumerism towards building and modifying technology to better meet their own needs. Hacking sex means expanding our definition of "sex;" recognizing that no two of us have the exact same biology, (a)sexuality, or desires; and building and modifying toys and equipment to enhance our own pleasure.
Join Kit "where did this b!tch get [their] doctorate" Stubbs for a look at technological empowerment for sexuality and pleasure. Recent developments in sex/tech will be covered, including crowdfunded sex toys, a patent troll, open-source sex toys, and 3D printing, with plenty of resources for folks new to sex/kink-positive DIY.