All Ages: How to Build a Movement

1800, Noether
Speaker(s): Deb Nicholson, Molly de Blanc
We want the free software movement to keep growing and one facet of successful movement building is embracing a multi-generational community. The good news is that there is no age requirement for using, promoting, and contributing to free software. The bad news is that we aren't always doing a great job of facilitating a diverse, inter-generational movement. We'll take a look at what we're currently doing to bring in young people, how we are treating older people in our communities, and where there is room for improvement.

Computer Science Curricula's Failure - What Can We Do Now?

1800, Friedman
Speaker(s): Ming Chow, Roy Wattanasin
We are still facing the same security vulnerabilities from over a decade ago. The problems are not going away anytime soon and a reason is because computer science curricula are still churning out students who are not even exposed to security. This talk will address the lack of emphasis on information security in computer science curricula, how CS curricula have an obligation, how to gradually fix the problem by integrating security into many computer science undergraduate and graduate classes, and success stories from students. This talk will also discuss what Tufts and Brandeis are currently working on to further address the security education problem by creating a joint cyber security and policy program that spans multiple departments. Additional points and feedback from the audience are encouraged to help with the issue.