Bring the Noise: Ten Years of Obfuscation as Counter-Surveillance

1600, Friedman
Speaker(s): Daniel C. Howe
It has been a decade now since the release of TrackMeNot, the first privacy tool to leverage obfuscation for counter-surveillance. In the interim, obfuscation has been actively developed, with new tools exploring its use for email (ScareMail), location-tracking (CacheCloak), advertising (AdNauseam), DNA analysis (Invisible), and beyond. This talk reviews the development of the strategy and considers some of the questions it raises for the tool-making community. Daniel will debut AdNauseam 2.0, the first cross-platform production release of AdNauseam, which aims at nothing less than ending advertising-based surveillance as we know it. Obfuscation can be defined as the strategy of using noise to hide one's true interests and/or confuse an adversary. As obfuscation is relatively flexible in its use, it holds unique promise as a strategy for DIY privacy and security. TrackMeNot was the first privacy tool to leverage obfuscation online, protecting web searchers from search engine profiling by hiding their queries in a cloud of generated noise. AdNauseam directs similar techniques at the advertising networks that track users across the web, polluting user profiles and subverting the economic system that drives this pervasive form of surveillance.

Lockpicking in Real Life versus on the Screen

1600, Lamarr
Speaker(s): Nite Owl, Max, Deviant Ollam, and many others from TOOOL and Locksport International
We all know that Hollywood has a difficult time portraying hackers accurately. This quirk often extends to the realm of showing lockpicking in movies and on TV. But sometimes, a film gets it really right! This talk is both an introduction to lockpicking (in case you still need to learn) as well as a walk through some of the best - and some of the worst - scenes of lockpicking that have ever been seen by movie and TV audiences.
Learn about how to be a better lockpicker and a better filmmaker... all at the same time!

The Silk Road to Life without Parole - A Deeper Look at the Trial of Ross Ulbricht

1600, Noether
Speaker(s): Joshua Horowitz, Andy Greenberg, Patrick Howell O'Neill, Alex Winter
Join Joshua Horowitz, one of Ross Ulbricht's defense attorneys, tech journalists Andy Greenberg and Patrick Howell O'Neill, and filmmaker Alex Winter for an in-depth discussion of the Silk Road case. All panelists attended Ulbricht's trial.
Greenberg and O'Neill have written extensively about the now legendary black market's rise and fall and Alex Winter directed the documentary Deep Web, with exclusive access to the Ulbricht family and defense team. In this panel discussion, they'll examine the less-discussed aspects of Ulbricht's case, including the role of two corrupt federal agents in the Silk Road investigation, the indictment of Ulbricht's alleged mentor and consigliere Variety Jones, and Ulbricht's controversial life sentence without parole.