Understanding Tor Onion Services and Their Use Cases

1200, Noether
Speaker(s): asn, Nima Fatemi, David Goulet
In the last few years, we've seen more and more interest in Tor onion services (aka Tor hidden services). They are used by press to host whistleblowing platforms, by activists who want to set up a website that authorities want to shut down, by service providers to offer more security to their users, and for tons of other uses as well.
This panel will be presenting the technical aspects of Tor onion services as well as interesting use cases. As the onion service protocol aged, weaknesses started to appear in its design. For this reason, the speakers have been working since 2013 on the next generation onion service protocol. You'll get a status update on their progress, an explanation of the improvements it brings, and also why it is greatly needed.

When Video Is Not Standard Output

1200, Friedman
Speaker(s): XioNYC
In a GUI-dominated cyberspace, the blind user is prey. When a UX change can mean the difference between productivity and disenfranchisement, when an interstitial scareware alert is indistinguishable from a legitimate error dialog, and when security cannot be established because accessibility is left to the aftermarket, the frustrating onus upon a non-visual user exceeds the empowerment the sighted user takes for granted. This talk will shed light on some of these invisible "gotchas."