Monitoring Dusty War Zones and Tropical Paradises - Being a Broadcast Anthropologist

1000, Lamarr
Speaker(s): Mark Fahey
Tuning in distant foreign radio and television stations is a conduit to unique and exotic information. These signals are often confronting, uncensored, and unsanitized. In the western world, we blur or pixelate images of death and torture, but signals from war zones or rebellions show tragedies happening live on the air. Other signals broadcast the joy of life on this planet through exotic song, music, and film. Digital wide-band recordings of the electromagnetic spectrum allow virtual time travel, a form of mental teleportation whereby recorded spectrum is tuned to hear stations as if they were being tuned in real time. Take a virtual tour of Mark's monitoring station in Sydney, Australia which is wired to access the world's mass media via whatever delivery conduit is needed to capture the content. The station receives hundreds of thousands of inbound digital audio and video channels that let him monitor domestic radio and television from most parts of the world. If he wants to watch breakfast television from Tibet, or maybe the nightly news from the remote Pacific islands of Wallis and Futuna, then it's available in perfect studio quality. You'll also see his visits to remote broadcasters and rare, uncensored video from telejournalists that captures the tragedies and joy served up by our planet.

Surveillance Gives Me Chills

1000, Friedman
Speaker(s): Alex Marthews
In surveys, users say that government surveillance affects their online behavior, but users could always be lying. Join Alex as he takes you through the latest research on the effect of surveillance on actual user behavior - some of it his own - and connects this research to government and corporate efforts to chill and censor "extremist content" on the Internet.

Water Security: Are We in De-Nile or In-Seine? Water Policies, Availability, Geeks Without Bounds and You

1000, Noether
Speaker(s): Chris Kubecka, Lisha Sterling
The backbone of a modern society is clean, available water. Without clean water, production plants falter due to corrosion, lack of cooling capability, or unsteady supply. However, in many if not most parts of the world, water safety is a challenge. This presentation gives an introduction to some of these challenges, trying to ensure clean, available water and the consequences of unfiltered, dirty water. The focus is on what you can do to help solve this challenge. You, the technologist, the hacker, the lockpicker, the everyday person, can help devise better systems to solve some of these challenges. Geeks Without Bounds works around the world setting up solution-oriented hackathons that put participants in the driver's seat working together on technology issues to make the world a better place.