F*ck it, We'll Do It Live: Eight Years of Radio Statler!

2300, Lamarr
Speaker(s): Beaches, Nikgod, TechDarko, Bunni3burn, Johnny Xmas, Stoppay
Since 2008, Radio Statler has been broadcasting original content from HOPE to the rest of the world: interviews with speakers, extended Q&As, panels, and the occasional glimpse into everything that happens outside the talk rooms. The panel will take you through how and why Radio Statler! started, the obstacles faced running a temporary radio studio, and some of the war stories of the things that have gone terribly, terribly wrong along the way.

Security Options for High Risk Travelers

2300, Noether
Speaker(s): Ryan Lackey
Aggressive surveillance and espionage has long been a fact of life for government agents traveling to hostile nations but, increasingly, economic espionage is waged against visitors who neither have the expectation that they're a target nor the resources to adequately defend themselves from plausible threats. This talk will present tools, techniques, and procedures which will allow non-nation-state international travelers to defend themselves from government, criminal, and commercial monitoring, with a bias toward free and open-source options readily adopted by potential targets.