Hacking Machine Learning Algorithms

2200, Lamarr
Speaker(s): Kyle Polich
Algorithms control more and more of the systems we interact with on a daily basis. Critical decisions are executing without direct oversight by machine learning models. These systems, like any system, should be continuously taken apart and inspected to see how they work. Examining a machine learning model is not as easy as examining source code. This talk goes into detail on how to hack machine learning models and similar systems. Could an algorithm be racist? How can we detect it? Live examples in Python will be demoed and available on GitHub, and only basic programming knowledge is required to understand the talk and reproduce the examples.

National Security Letters: The Checks and Balances Aren't Strong Enough - Sometimes They're Nonexistent

2200, Noether
Speaker(s): Nicholas Merrill
Twelve years have passed since Nicholas Merrill first began his lawsuit challenging the constitutionality of the USA PATRIOT Act and, specifically, the warrantless searches known as National Security Letters (NSLs). Now that he can tell the full story, what really happened? How much has actually changed because of the 12-year court case? If the government lost, why are NSLs still being issued at a rate of 50,000 per year? Who is doing anything about this problem, and what are they doing? What are the respective roles of litigation, legislation, and technical approaches to the issue of privacy?

Movie: Traceroute

2200, Friedman (2 hours)
Speaker(s): Johannes Grenzfurthner
Artist and lifelong nerd Johannes Grenzfurthner takes us on a personal road trip from the West Coast to the East Coast of the USA to introduce us to places and people that shaped and inspired his art and politics. Traceroute wants to chase and question the ghosts of nerd-dom's past, present, and future. An exhilarating tour de farce into the guts of trauma, obsession, and cognitive capitalism. The film features interviews with Matt Winston, Sandy Stone, Bruce Sterling, Jason Scott, Christina Agapakis, Trevor Paglen, Ryan Finnigan, Kit Stubbs, V. Vale, Sean Bonner, Allison Cameron, Josh Ellingson, Maggie Mayhem, Paolo Pedercini, Steve Tolin, Dan Wilcox, Jon Lebkowsky, Jan "Varka" Mulders, Adam Flynn, Abie Hadjitarkhani, and more.
A question and answer session will follow the film.