LockSport Roadshow: Bring Your Oddities!

1900, Lamarr
Speaker(s): TOOOL and friends
There have been plenty of talks at HOPE teaching you to pick conventional locks. But what about non-conventional locks?
This panel - which will require much audience participation - is all about unique and interesting locks. Have a weird lock or even a strange key and want to know more about it? Bring it to the stage! If you can stump our esteemed panel, you'll win a prize!
Don't be shy... bring out your unique and strange lock hardware and, if you're really brave, give the panel a chance to try to pick it!

Smart Cities and Blockchains: New Techno-Utopian Dreams or Nightmares?

1900, Noether
Speaker(s): Burcu Baykurt, James Cropcho, Benjamin Dean
History is littered with techno-utopian visions, particularly those of powerful American industrialists. Henry Ford's Fordlandia, Walt Disney's Epcot, Peter Thiel's Seasteading. Technologies play a recurring role in inspiring and enabling these attempts to forge or impose new governmental and/or social relations. Techno-utopian dreams are once again emerging in the form of sensor and data-driven "smart" cities and decentralized, blockchain-based organizations. What are the similarities and differences between techno-utopian visions over time? What role does technology play in forming and operationalizing these visions? Who ultimately defines what a perfect society is? How does this determine whether the techno-utopian visions end up as dreams or nightmares?

Tuning in to New York City's Pirates of the Air

1900, Friedman
Speaker(s): David Goren
Pirate radio in New York City is a homegrown cultural phenomenon that is at once aesthetically vibrant, technologically tumultuous, and undeniably illegal. Emanating from clandestine studios and hidden transmitters, the sounds of Kreyol, Yiddish, Spanish, and Caribbean-accented English waft into the urban atmosphere. On an average night in Flatbush, Brooklyn, it's not uncommon to be able to hear as many as three dozen pirate stations between 87.9 and 107.9 Mhz. This flowering of outlaw micro-radio stations in Brooklyn and throughout the greater New York City region is a major disruption to the status quo of corporate controlled, robo-playlisted mega stations. Their unregulated presence and programming often reflects the throb and hum of a diverse city more authentically than traditional media outlets. Join radio producer David Goren for an audio tour of these stations featuring the music, programs, and personalities that make up New York City's pirate radio scene.