2016 Car Hacking Tools

1600, Noether
Speaker(s): Craig Smith, Eric Evenchick
This presentation will focus on some of the most recent car hacker tools and techniques. You will learn how to quickly get set up to do car hacks, both professionally and in your garage. After the demos, Craig and Eric will open up for a full-on Ask Me Anything (AMA) style panel discussion where you are free to ask any car hacking related questions you feel like.

The Onion Report

1600, Lamarr
Speaker(s): asn, John Brooks, Nima Fatemi, David Goulet
The Tor community, network, and ecosystem are growing and evolving at a very fast pace - from new secure applications using Tor to deploying relays in public libraries around the world. Tor as a project, but first and foremost as a large community, is at the forefront of technical, social, economical, political, and cultural battles pertaining to anonymity and basic human rights.
This talk will cover the state of Tor on all levels: organizational, community, and technical. Recent and upcoming software developments, movement in onion (aka hidden) services land, attacks on the network and how we are fighting back, community projects, and much more will be covered.
This is not about the Dark Web but rather about a Secure Web (copyleft pending).

What Really Happened? Fact, Truth, and Research Techniques

1600, Friedman
Speaker(s): Evan Koblentz
Anyone can tell you something is true because they "researched" it. Evan will present some methods of performing historical research that stand up to challenges. Some of the methods are useful for social hacking, however the scope does not include any coding or technical subjects.