Hacking Housing

1500, Friedman
Speaker(s): Luke Iseman, Heather Stewart
Luke and Heather will discuss their work building shipping container based, off-grid, open-source houses and factories. They will provide a crash course in getting and converting containers, including specific recommendations on how to modify them into solar-powered, comfortable living and working spaces. This is relevant because it's silly for us to live and work in corporate-owned environments built by somebody else, rather than hacking our own sustainable, affordable alternatives.

Spy Hard with a Vengeance: How One City Stood up to the Department of Homeland Security

1500, Noether
Speaker(s): aestetix, Brian Hofer
This talk will cover the reign of surveillance that has secretly taken over the United States at the local level through use of federal grant money, and offer suggestions on how we can fight back. It's the story of how the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) tried to create a fusion center in Oakland, California. In particular, the presentation will share details of the Oakland privacy policy the speakers helped create in response to this intrusive spy system, and the advocacy that led to its creation. The hope is to teach the framework that was created, shed light on how these issues affect both Americans and Europeans, and show how businesses and governments can find a balance between security and privacy.

This Key is Your Key, This Key is My Key

1500, Lamarr
Speaker(s): Deviant Ollam, Howard Payne
We all know that the four most common passwords are love, secret, sex, and god. Like default passwords, locks are often keyed alike for convenience, perceived safety, or for economic and other reasons. This talk explores the idea of "popular keys" and how many lock systems are secured by easily guessable keys.