How Anonymous Narrowly Evaded Being Framed as Cyberterrorists

1300, Lamarr
Speaker(s): Gabriella "Biella" Coleman
Over the years, Biella has used many different words and phrases to describe Anonymous: hydra, trickster, confusing, enchanting, controversial, frustrating, unpredictable, stupid, and really stupid. But rarely has she ever argued seriously against the idea that Anonymous is tantamount to cyberterrorism. How did Anonymous avoid the title of cyberterrorists when they were perfectly positioned to earn it? Biella will discuss the reasons such as the adoption of the Guy Fawkes mask, the timing of their most important operations, and the role of pop cultural representations of hackers like Mr. Robot that allowed them to narrowly escape this designation.

Only You Can Stop Police Surveillance - Here's How

1300, Noether
Speaker(s): Matt Cagle, Mariko Hirose, Jared Friend
As America debates policing reforms, police departments continue to rapidly acquire surveillance technology in secret, often with federal grant funds. Whether it's Stingray cell surveillance devices or social media monitoring software, invasive tools are being deployed without democratic debate or safeguards to prevent racial profiling. But while this war against surveillance may seem like a losing one at times, advocates are winning key battles in cities across the U.S. Join civil liberties advocates and ACLU attorneys from New York, San Francisco, and Seattle for a discussion of how to increase transparency, frame the debate, and create meaningful policy reforms that protect civil liberties and civil rights.

Show Networks

1300, Friedman
Speaker(s): John Huntington
Behind the scenes on most any large entertainment production today - from an arena spectacle to a theme park dark ride, from a concert tour to a Broadway stage - you will find Ethernet switches, cat 5 cables, and IP addresses all playing a critical role carrying a variety of control protocols that make these sophisticated shows possible. In this talk, John Huntington, author of Show Networks and Control Systems, will give an overview of the ways that networks are used on shows, and why and how we use equipment from traditional IT applications. In addition, applications from real shows will be featured, including a detailed exploration of the sophisticated control network for the Gravesend Inn haunted attraction.