Anti-Forensics AF

1300, Noether
Speaker(s): int0x80 (of Dual Core)
This presentation is the screaming goat anti-forensics version of those "Stupid Pet Tricks" segments on late night U.S. talk shows. Nothing groundbreaking here, but we'll cover new and trolly techniques that forensic investigators haven't considered or encountered. Intended targets cover a variety of OS platforms.

Censorship- and Coercion-Resistant Network Architectures

1300, Friedman
Speaker(s): Ed Platt
Decentralized network architectures can protect against vulnerabilities not addressed by strong encryption. Encryption works well, but only when private keys can be kept secret and ciphertext can get to its destination intact. Encrypted messages can be surveilled by acquiring private keys (FBI and Lavabit/Apple), man-in-the-middle attacks (NSA QUANTUM), or censored by blocking communication entirely (Pakistan and YouTube). These attacks are difficult to protect against because they are social rather than technological. But they all have one thing in common: they require centralization. Censorship and man-in-the-middle attacks target communication bottlenecks and legal coercion targets a small number of legal entities. This talk will discuss decentralized approaches to attack tolerance, including ongoing original research.

The TSA Keys Leak: Government Backdoors and the Dangers of Security Theater

1300, Lamarr
Speaker(s): DarkSim905, Johnny Xmas, Nite 0wl
In late 2015, hackers revealed yet another threat to American privacy, but this time it hit far closer to home than credit cards and Social Security numbers. The master keys the TSA uses to inspect all luggage being placed on an airplane were now available to anyone with a 3D printer! Three of the primary contributors to the leak and the subsequent reproduction of those keys will discuss their trials and tribulations during the event, including why government backdoors like key escrow are a really bad idea, the preposterousness of 3D printing keys in the first place, how the media completely missed the point of the entire operation, and how journalism doesn't actually even exist anymore. This will be a comprehensive discussion of literally every aspect of the TSA keys leak from top to bottom, including the release of previously undisclosed research. No talk of this magnitude has been given at any con on this topic! Notice: This talk will include the first public release of a brand new master key!