Freedom and Privacy in Our Lives, Our Governments, and Our Schools

1200, Lamarr (2 Hours)
Speaker(s): Richard Stallman
If we don't control the program, it controls us. It is clearer every year that nonfree programs, beyond the basic injustice of giving the developer or owner unjust power over the users, also tends to be malware, for instance designed to restrict users or snoop on them. Since government agencies and schools require people to run software to exercise their rights, this software must all be free, but increasingly they impose use of nonfree software and commercial snooping services. We must now organize to demand that they stop.

Iridium Satellite Hacking

1200, Noether
Speaker(s): Stefan "Sec" Zehl, schneider
The Iridium satellite system has been in orbit for over 15 years now and provides various data and voice services. This talk will show how to use Software Defined Radio (SDR) to receive and decode data from the Iridium satellite network and how a lot of reverse engineering was performed to understand the protocol and decode the details.

Presidential Twitter Bot Experience

1200, Friedman
Speaker(s): Roni Bandini
Until a few months back, Argentina had a monarchy-styled government that included huge corruption, nepotism, and political violence. Néstor Kirchner was president for four years, then his wife, Cristina Fernández de Kirchner, was president for the following eight years. Instead of giving press conferences, she used the official Twitter account (@CFKArgentina) to spread Goebbels-styled propaganda, send threats to the opposition, and exalt fanatics of all kinds.
This talk will explain the adaptation of an old chatter bot engine designed for a porn web site that now is used for a fake presidential Twitter account. Day by day, lots of political tweets are answered by this bot and almost no one detects that a piece of code is responsible for the mise-en-scéne.