How to Torrent a Pharmaceutical Drug

1100, Friedman
Speaker(s): Michael Swan Laufer, Bethany (Benny) Koval
Why are people still being left to die from treatable diseases when they can't afford the arbitrarily inflated prices of patent-protected medications? As hackers, we believe that when the infrastructure fails, we must have a way to fall back to DIY methods. Medicine should not be an exception to this. Pharmaceuticals are just chemicals, chemicals are made using chemistry, and chemistry can be automated. Come learn how anyone can make patent-protected medications at home using a new open-source automated chemical reaction chamber made from off-the-shelf parts. One no longer has to have a science background to do chemistry. We can save our own lives. Speakers will detail how the mechanism can be built, how it is programmed, and distribute the plans and programs live at the talk. The programs for drug synthesis and the design of the mechanism can be shared over any digital channel - and can be improved and modified by any end user. A highly controversial drug will be synthesized live on stage during the talk.

1100, Noether
Speaker(s): Aunshul Rege, Quinn Heath
How are hackers portrayed in the media? What are the typical stereotypes? How does the hacking community feel about the term "hacker," gender portrayals, and depictions in movies and television shows? This panel hopes to answer all of these questions and more!
Aunshul and Quinn were at HOPE X, talked to attendees then, and asked about their thoughts on the ways hackers were presented in the media. They are now back to share what they've found and to get more of your thoughts! Expect lots of interaction, conversation, and (possibly) heckling.

When Vulnerability Disclosure Turns Ugly

1100, Lamarr
Speaker(s): Sam Bowne, Alex Muentz
Sam was accused of illegal hacking in the SC Magazine article "Professor Hacks University Health Conway in Demonstration for Class." That article made a mess so big, it took a real lawyer, Alex Muentz, to clear it up. Sam will explain how this happened and Alex will then explain how he handled this and offer informed advice on the laws around vulnerability disclosure, along with how to use the media effectively. In addition, Alex will describe a few other cases where attempts at responsible disclosure went wrong, what had to be done to fix it, and how the disclosure should have been done.